NRG Heating & AC in Canoga Park, CA

West Hollywood, California 0 comments

After NRG's technician failed to sell me a new heating system he went from being polite to irritable. When he left my house he passed my 17 year old son, who was coming up the walkway.

My son heard him call me a *** and gave him a surprised look. Then the tech looked at my son and said, "that's right, she's a ***". Even though I reported this incident to Joe- the owner - (who by the way had sold me my original heating/ac unit 16 years prior) I never received a call back. On two different occasions now I have been contacted by NRG to see if my original heater/ac unit needed a "tune-up".

Each time I have told the person on the telephone about the incident and each time they expressed 'surprise'. One time I was even told that Joe would call me.

No call ever called. I would NOT recommend this company, so say the least.

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